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The Department of Children & Families is at my door. Do I have to open it?

The Massachusetts Department of Children & Families (“DCF”) is the so-called child protective agency for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The powers of DCF are broad, but they are not unlimited. There are a myriad of reasons DCF may be calling you or knocking on your door. The steps you take to address this contact early will likely set the tone for what happens next.

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Litigation Alert: Misuse of Generative Artificial Intelligence Confronts Massachusetts Courts Resulting In Attorney Sanctions

The Massachusetts Trial court recently confronted the misuse of artificial intelligence in memoranda filed in the Superior Court. As has recently been in the national news, this is not the first time that the use of AI gone awry has confronted judges or courts throughout the country.

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Should I let my kids (and their friends) drink alcohol at my house?

As more and more plaintiffs, especially teenagers, are injured in alcohol related accidents after leaving house parties or other social events and fewer and fewer public houses and package stores carry liquor liability insurance, plaintiffs with serious, life altering injuries often look to potential “social hosts” as sources for recovery.

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Trusts and Estates Litigation Alert: Disinherited Children Lack Standing to Challenge The Appointment of a Personal Representative

Here, the decedent purposefully in expressly disinherited his son, under the terms of his Last Will and Testament because he provided for his son in his trust. 

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I’ve Been Sued (Or I Think I’m About To Be). What Now?

Being accused of injuring someone or damaging someone’s property can cause overwhelming stress, increased anxiety, and sometimes outright panic. Frequently, there is also some amount of anger present. Questions start racing through your mind. Will I lose my house?

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New law firm, Farrell Lavin PLLC, opens with offices located in Boston, Duxbury and Taunton, Massachusetts

Peter Farrell and Jake Lavin are career-long litigators who are no strangers to rolling up their sleeves and working hard for their clients.

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