Our civil litigation practice provides advisory services to both individuals and companies on how to handle and determine the legal risks associated with conflicts.

We find our practice a crossover between early intervention counseling on good insurance and great contract drafting, to managing claims to litigating cases to judgment. Often we advise litigation clients to not litigate. We leverage our vast experience in the industry to evaluate your problem and to devise and strategize a pragmatic and cost-effective solution.

We have a deep understanding of civil law and procedure.

The Farrell Lavin team of experienced Attorneys Offers Civil Litigation Legal Services

Civil litigation cases can arise in a wide variety of contexts, including business disputes, breach of contract, employment disputes, real estate disputes, and many other areas.  At Farrell Lavin, you are central to developing a strategy for resolving the dispute, weighing the risks and benefits of various options and pursuing the most favorable outcome.

Civil litigation cases are typically resolved through the court system, with each party presenting evidence and arguments to support their position, and a judge or jury ultimately will make a determination as to the outcome of the case. At Farrell Lavin, we are skilled in advocating for our clients throughout this process, from the initial filing of the complaint or answer to the final resolution of the case.

Civil Litigation

Our civil litigation engagements typically provide a range of services, including case evaluation and analysis, pre-trial discovery, motion practice, settlement negotiations, and trial representation.

Pre-Trial Discovery

Pre-trial discovery is a critical aspect of civil litigation, where we deploy a range of tools to gather evidence and information from the other party or third-party witnesses. This may involve depositions, document requests, and other methods of gathering information to build a strong case.

Motion Practice

Motion practice is another key element of civil litigation, where attorneys make legal arguments to the court in support of their client’s position. This may involve seeking dismissal of the case, summary judgment, or other legal remedies to advance the client’s interests.

Settlement Negotiations

Settlement negotiations are also an important part of civil litigation, with attorneys working to reach a favorable resolution of the case without the need for a trial. This may involve mediation or other alternative dispute resolution methods, or simply negotiating with the other party to reach a mutually acceptable resolution.

Trial Representation

If a trial is necessary, civil litigation attorneys provide representation in court, presenting evidence and arguments to support their client’s position and advocating for a favorable outcome. They are skilled in presenting complex legal arguments and evidence in a clear and persuasive manner, and in anticipating and responding to the opposing party’s arguments and evidence.

Civil Litigation practice is a complex and multi-faceted area of legal practice

Our Civil Litigation practice is a complex and multi-faceted area of legal practice that requires skillful advocacy and a deep understanding of the legal issues and procedures involved. We provide critical guidance and representation to clients seeking to resolve disputes through the court system.

We can help you when you need it most.